How the Voting System works

We are using Voting system to better understand which ideas you support.

You have 10 votes in total, which you can cast in two ways:
  1. Creating ideas. It takes at least 1 vote to create a new idea.
  2. Supporting ideas. Users can also give 1-3 votes to any idea they support.

When do I get my votes back?

If you run out of votes, you will see a warning message, and you will be unable to vote until your votes get returned to you.

You get your votes back when the idea that you voted for is closed. (idea can be closed with "Completed" or "Declined" status).

You can also choose to redistribute or remove your votes at any time.

How to see my votes?

When you are on, you will see "My Feedback" link on right-hand panel. It will show you ideas you voted for. 

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